dmalcolm (dmalcolm) wrote,

Whence came "codebase"?

The word "codebase" has been bugging me lately.  I've noticed myself using it, and it's starting to grate on me.

It appears to mean a collection of computer code, from an implementation perspective.  Users of the word might refer to the "foo-1.0 codebase" as opposed to the "foo-2.0 codebase, where we totally rewrote everything".

Assuming that this is what the word means, it's a useful one.  However, where did this word come from, and when?   Does it have a more precise meaning, or has it spread across the internet with the rough (but useful) meaning above?

The only definitions I can find are within Wikipedia or Wictionary (neither of which I'm a fan of).  I don't see it in the Jargon File either (but ditto, frankly).  It also seems to have a (different) specific meaning for Java applets, and is the name of a proprietary database product.

Does anyone have an etymology for this word?

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