dmalcolm (dmalcolm) wrote,

Update on 2to3c

My 2to3c tool now has a website:

I haven't yet sanely packaged it (I'm working on that) but I have done some work since my last blog post:
- It's somewhat more robust at handling errors from spatch
- Beginnings of a selftest suite (ultimately I want to be able to take C code, run the tool, compile it against multiple runtimes, then execute it in each one, verifying that the module still works)
- Some (possibly crazy) hacks to try to better handling preprocessor macros when reworking module initialization.

John Palmieri has used the tool to help with porting the DBus python bindings to Python 3. He's had to do a lot of manual work, but apparently 2to3c did save him some time

This is more of a shovel than a silver bullet, perhaps.

Help with this would be most welcome. I'm at PyCon, BTW, and will be around for a few of the sprint days, if anyone's interested in working on this.
Tags: python

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